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Conquer the world for King and Country in this massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS).

This is an online real-time strategy game (rts) where you are an officer in the army or the navy of one of 25 different countries during the Colonial Era. You build your army and navy while climbing the ranks, getting stronger and stronger. Once you rank high enough you can unite lower officers (other players) and fight huge online naval and land battles to attack one of the other countries trying to conquer the world.

This army and navy battle game is a long running massive multiplayer real-time online strategy game (MMORTS) where you are part of the national and international military balance and politics. Your goals are first to improve your own army and your navy, but also to defend the territory of your country and make it the leading power in the world.

It is a time of change. Through the dawn of time great empires and kingdoms have risen and fallen. Weapons of war have been improved over and over again until mighty ships filled with cannons sail the seas, the first rifles begin to replace muskets and new artillery has been made. Revolutions throughout the world have shaken most nations and though most nations remain monarchies in one form or the other, those of normal birth are now given the chance to take up arms for their nations. Not just as soldiers or sailors, as cannon fodder, but they are given the ability to become officers on land and on sea. Where the revolutions in arms development and cultural changes had brought forth a weakness and emptiness in the armies and navies of all nations, brave new officers come forward. Officers from all classes of society, to fight for their nation on the stormy oceans and seas, to fight on hills and mountains, along the coasts and in the desert. These officers have come forward to claim their destiny.

As a new officer you get the choice, will you join the armies that march on land or the navies that rule the seas? Whatever you choose a path filled with fighting awaits you. You'll get money from your king or queen to finance the recruiting of your first troops, the building of your first ship. The seas and lands are dangerous, even with no enemies invading, and through accepting a lot of missions you will gain gold and prestige, allowing you to climb ranks and afford more and better troops and ships.

But a time will come, often too quickly, that enemies of your nation strike and you are called to defend your nation. Join bigger armies, led by the highest officers and fight alongside dozens to hundreds of other officers in mighty land battles, join strike forces to capture lands and cities. Or join the mighty navies, to block enemy ports, raid coastal towns and secure the naval trade of your own nation. With your army or your naval forces you directly influence the outcome of battles and the fate of your nation.

This game features:
  • Web-Based game: In this Web-Based RTS game all actions can be done online and through your browser.
  • Colonial game: all units, maps and countries are taken from the Colonial times
  • Choose between a career in the navy or in the army.
  • Your own soldiers to command. Every soldier is unique, having a name, strength, type (musketeer, dragoon etc), experience and skill level.
  • Soldiers gain experience through battles with robbers, pirates, barbarians or other armies.
  • Soldiers can get injured, captured or in the worst case killed if you are a reckless commander.
  • You lead your soldiers in battle, running the same risks as they.
  • 46 different soldier types, including special units per country.
  • 19 different ship types to command, from tiny Cutters to mighty Ships of the Line
  • Batter enemy ships with cannonballs, grape shot or chain shot, sinking or capturing them
  • Follow orders from your admiral to help your country defeat its enemies, or become an Admiral yourself!
  • 25 ranks to climb as officer, from Corporal to Emperor, or 11 ranks from Midshipman to Admiral of the Fleet
  • A map of the world on which your adventures are staged. Travel around your country, or even expand it at the cost of another country.
  • Communication with and dependency on other officers (players) in a single army. Unite lower ranked players or join a high general.
  • Cooperation between navy and army to reach the common goal of making your country the leading power in the world.
  • Large scale army creation and strategies.
  • Fight huge naval and land army battles online as you join armies together to defeat your enemy!
  • Medics to heal your soldiers in battles.

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  • KnC age 208 ending in 3 days, 17 hours and 15 minutes.

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    KnC ending in may 2015
    Hi all,

    We're sad to announce that we'll stop supporting KnC. We'll continue running it for a few months, but after that it will go offline.

    The first age that starts after the 15th of april 2015 will be the last KnC age.

    The main reason for this is that the codebase is really old and can only run on PHP and MySQL versions that are getting very hard to find and haven't been supported for years. We've run the games on our own servers till now but we can't continue to do so and would need to rewrite a lot of code to be able to host the game on a modern server. The game unfortunately doesn't have enough players left to make it worth the time to do this. We're not giving up on these games completely, but we'll focus our efforts on The Last Knights alone for now.

    In Case You Have Forgotten!
    Merchant War Rule After some discussion the decision has been made to enforce that warring to make merchanting easier is no longer allowed. This has been added to the FAQ section of the site and players need to ensure that all wars they declare for are "real" wars. Posted by Spaghetti on 03-14 18:18

    Age 191 Survivors
    The winners for age 191 are as follows.... Apache won the age, Top army player was Ornella, Top navy player was Fausto. Top army AND navy pvper was mhthek1ng, very nice job. sentinel joined the most sf's and of course last but not least, best merchant was Fantasy

    Belated age 190 results
    Sorry was on vacation and no one did this it seems. The winners are.... Thailand won the age, Top army player was Mentalist, Top navy player was bow. Top army pvper was Overrated, navy pvp was won by Brendan_Rodgers. Bow also joined the most sf's and of course last but not least, best merchant was Rolento

    Who Won Age 189
    Age 189 is over and the winners are.......Oh this should be easy.Korea wins the age this time,nice job.Ornella won both army and navy this age,props to you.Top army pvper was Kokki and top navy pvper was Peppi. Muttley joined the most sf's(see old people can be productive!),and last but not least,best merchant for the age was Pastor_Snakes. Congrats everyone and good luck in age 190.

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