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Ranking List
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No.RankPlayerNationPointsWinsLossesCity Battles
1Emperor [LD] Huckleberry50,77611239415
2Emperor [LD] Batata47,1384106821
3Field Marshalchocoboslayer46,4103188296
4Field Marshaldanielson39,323297737
5Field Marshal [HC] Stinky38,5222844117
6Field Marshal [HC] REDRUM38,12419181117
7Vice MarshalNjord36,684210587
8Vice Marshal [HC] Black_Ops36,4334336041
9Vice Marshal [HC] Attuf36,210812134
10Warlord [LD] luuci34,11014381135
11Vice Marshal [WC] sentinel33,5197380199
12Field MarshalKirito32,9132922816
13Vice Marshal [WC] bow32,6602800071
14Vice MarshalLordTitan32,4192131614
15Staff General [WC] Fantasy32,2121462494
16Staff Generalcoyote31,7872351721
17Staff GeneralKRAEMDON30,689145208
19Staff GeneralRyokosha29,7172084312
20Staff GeneralAzteca_OFC28,686272960
22Vice MarshalNidoking27,195282625
23Maj GeneralRIPU2PCS24,46092235
24Lt GeneralI__APHRODITE__I24,095367230

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