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Ranking List
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No.RankPlayerNationPointsWinsLossesCity Battles
1Imperial Marshal [HC] East_Clubber57,085659939
2Imperial Marshal [HC] hummeltje56,7356793310
3Emperor [LD] Black_Sun_Empire50,3495401052
4Grand MarshalQashqai49,5253197456
5Emperor [LD] Hairy_Maclary46,9043955631
6Field MarshalLookOut43,83327731927
7Field Marshal [WC] bikkelplop42,3362675134
8Field Marshal [HC] Siggy41,86228491107
9Field MarshalI__APHRODITE__I41,1422507663
10Field Marshal [HC] luuci40,93317310137
11Field MarshalLickitung40,21155141093
12Field Marshal [HC] scobydoo39,1602864323
13Field Marshalthe_beast39,13623152249
14Vice MarshalRyokosha36,5692143532
15Vice Marshal [HC] Nightmare36,2229644168
16Field MarshalKentwood_OFC35,6082663545
17Vice Marshal [WC] WendyTheWitch35,45310770185
18Field Marshal [HC] Blackbeard34,8465116259
19Vice Marshalchocoboslayer34,27117133311
20Vice MarshalFalcao34,0532297914
21Vice Marshalwalhalla33,63421221135
22Warlord [LD] Buthidae33,010522098
23Staff General [HC] DarkHeart32,8233300523
24Staff General [HC] ImmortaLegend32,77727791015
25Staff GeneralJhont09832,164190147

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